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Before his time

By Scoop Savage, 06/02/16, 10:00AM EDT


What if kevin played with his age group?

This was a crazy weekend for Kevin Savage III playing 5 games in 1 day. He normally plays up on the 3rd grade team which is so talented they don't play their age in the city which means Kevin is playing 2 grade levels up, sometimes 3, it just depends but you can't tell Kevin he's too young or too small. He has 1 of the biggest hearts you will ever see in a kid that young. Never ever touched the floor with kids his age until last weekend.

DCA 2027 was really short due to parents vacationing for Memorial weekend. So the 1st grade crew was playing up 2nd grade so Kevin parents didn't mind Kevin helping out his younger brothers. I think helping was an understatement his 1st game versus a decent Team Power team he scored 22 and added a game winner in the closing seconds to edge power out by 1 point final score 28-27.

In the championship it was clear that DCA 2027 was out matched by the #1 team in the state of North Carolina Nike's Team United. From the tip off playing with only 4 kids and Kevin playing with his regular team on the other court things didn't look the best for the young chasers. 3 minutes  into the game Kevin shot over to the other court to play and immediately impacted the game, with the score being 7 - 0 he ripped the ball from 1 of the boys in a half court set and went coast to coast with 1 defender to beat he made a nice euro step that would of made Russel Westbrook proud. After that the 1st graders had a since of confidence and play their butts off. Team United Coach tried everything box and 1 double teams even sometimes 3 kids coming at Kevin but he continue to wow the crowd with good passes big time 3 pointers and going to the hole with 1 goal in mind and that was to score. Even with Kevin scoring  a game high 20 points it wasn't enough to beat a good Team United squad. After the game was over Kevin left the court disappointed because he really wanted that game.  A lot of "What If" questions was answered after that weekend and it was clear he enjoined playing with his age group.

As of now Kevin will continue to play up with the class of 2025. I got a chance to talk with Kevin parents and from the sounds of things their not in a rush for Kevin to play with his age group. They are focusing on him developing and helping his brothers capture their 1st National Championship.