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The start of the most anticipated DCA season

By Scoop Savage, 12/14/17, 8:00PM EST


Coming for everything we left on the table

  The Season is  around the corner the energy is crazy right now in the DCA camp. Teams are excited to test out their new pieces, some teams didn't pick up anything new, just ready to get back in the thick of things.  

 2028 is the youngest in charge this season. The young chasers have a couple of returning pieces from last year like the sharp shooter Alanson Simmons to go with his G I Joes Messiah "Man Man" Shedrick, Bryce Willingham and Jayden Rabun, with new acquisitions like big Q Fielder and young gunners Rj Lipscomb ,Zyaire Brookins and Dylan Boston. These young ballers are full of energy and ready to hit the ground running. Coach Bonsu and Coach Vincent got their hands full.

 2027 was the hottest team smoking last year in the city. They had a team that was fully loaded went threw the city like a hot knife threw butter. Leaving no doubt who the best 2027 team in Atlanta was. Their dominant state championship performance winning by double digits proved why they was in a class by their selves. The biggest  free agent on the market was Nazir Meehan a pass 1st guard and a tenacious defender took his talents to DCA. Add that to whats already a loaded roster Houston we may have a problem. Coach Lance and the newest addition to the his staff Coach Jabril a fiery coach that demands maximum effort out of his players to go with Coach Lance great offense and defensive schemes, 2027 will be in the running for a National Championship.

  2026 man where do we start with this team. Probably the slowest team to get going last year but they finished just as strong as anybody in the program. They put on a dominant performance at Southern Spotlight beating 2 top 10 teams to capture their 1st major championship. Finishing final 4 in the USBA National championship. Some key free agents was picked up this off season. I don't think Coach Dre want to disclose his pickups right now. So we won't spoil it. They have some really good returning pieces.  Lets just say this 4th grade team is going to be tough to deal with on the circuit. When you see this team on your schedule just know its going to be a tough 1. This is another team that when its all said and done they will be in the hunt for a National Championship.

 2025 is the leaders of the new school led by coach Kev and coach Steve 2 seasoned coaches with a lot of experience, that work really well together. This team has to be the most consistent team in the program with 2 top 5 finishes in AAU nationals and last year coming 1 game short of their 1st National championship appearance finishing 3rd in the 2017 AAU Nationals.  They conquered the west coast last year beating every team in California winning the ACES Coca Cola National Championship. This team hasn't lost a game in Atlanta playing their age group since being assembled in the 2nd grade. 3 straight state titles with the same core since 1st grade. No key pick ups was added on this team but with  loads of experience and pack gyms being a regular for them this team is ready to capture their 4th state title and finally win their 1st National Championship.

  2024 is not much to say about them besides Coach Harold and Coach G leading their squad to the programs 1st AAU National Championship. This team has to be the biggest team in the country with Peyton Marshall standing 6'4 he has to be the country best rim protector. The addition of Dontae Potts-Heard and returning duo Jaden and Justus on your wings Pops willing and dealing and last but not least Jabron playing like a grown man its going to be tough to beat this team. Don't be surprised if this team is back to back AAU National Champs.

  2023 ( Mack ) This squad was assembled last year. No real chemistry early in the season, Coach Mack kept his boys in the gym and coaching them up showing them how the game is suppose to be played. This team went out to New Orleans Super 60 grabbed 1st place in the silver division. Falling a tab bit short in the Southern Spotlight Championship to RM5. A couple of new additions and some really hard nose pieces returning coach Mack and crew  is coming back for all they said he couldn't have.

2023 ( Stacy ) Now that all the drama is behind this team Coach Stacy squad is looking like 2014 Kentucky Wildcats. I think coach Stacy will be making substitutions  by the platoon they are so deep. The 2 major returning pieces Stephon Castle and Seth Fitzgerald both of them having an outstanding off season they should come into this season stronger then ever. Add that to the new additions Coach Stacy picked up ,I think this team might be on to something really special this year.

All this talent under 1 roof, its the recipe for a crazy successful year.  Brand new teams this year. Brand new tournaments, DCA will be the deepest program this year.  Stay tuned for different camps and training sessions and last but not least you can find us in a gym near you very soon.